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Summer holidays in the United Kingdom

The finest places to visit in the United Kingdom in 2022

One of the biggest reasons for a staycation in the summer is the perfect weather. The thought of warm weather (or as warm as Britain gets) and lengthy daylight hours is enticing. The British weather is notoriously unpredictable, so be prepared for all scenarios just in case.

Because of lockdowns and travel restrictions, many people have found themselves holidaying closer to home, getting to know the UK in ways they had never imagined. The UK takes some beating when it comes to breath taking scenery, world-class attractions, and a good old-fashioned pub. With that in mind, where are the finest spots to visit in the United Kingdom in 2022? That’s a great question, and we are pleased to address it.

For many years, the United Kingdom has been a popular destination for both domestic and international travellers. Visits to the UK have begun to hit new highs in recent years, with a 19% growth in overseas reservations to the UK in 2019 reaching over 1.5 billion. This year, as travel restrictions ease and the UK has abolish all social contact limitations, the UK is projected to witness another historic increase in families trying to book holidays within its most beloved towns and cities.

But what are the most significant cities to visit in the United Kingdom?

Outside of London, there are several intriguing and equally stunning places for holidaymakers to explore and have simple access to public transport. Some of the best places to visit in the United Kingdom have been put together for you. They are regularly regarded among the best in the British Isles, offering a wealth of tradition, culture, and entertainment for all ages.

The Scottish Hebrides

The Scottish Hebrides are first on our list. These islands located in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Scotland are not only one of the most beautiful destinations in the UK, but are also excellent for escaping the summer crowds.

We’ve taken two sailing expeditions in the Inner Hebrides, both of which took us to islands that most people never see. That means you can have the islands to yourself, even during the summer season. During our week of sailing in the Scottish Hebrides, We visited Mull, Iona, Lunga, Coll, and Ulva. It was incredible to view all of the puffins and other wildlife alone.

We spent seven days sailing in the Scottish Hebrides, visiting Rum, Muck, Canna, and a remote loch on the Isle of Skye. It even took us to Inverie on the Knoydart Peninsula, which is widely regarded as the most remote location in the United Kingdom.

Scilly Islands

The Isles of Scilly are next on our list of summer destinations in the UK. These islands off Cornwall’s southwest coast are among the most picturesque in England. This archipelago is a veritable treasure trove of natural and artificial beauties. It’s a terrific area to return to nature, with stunning beaches and vibrant harbours.

There’s a lot to enjoy about this part of England, from the Tresco Abbey Garden, which has plant varieties from five continents and beautiful ruined arches, to the seaside walking pathways and delicious local seafood.

Summertime in the Scilly Isles is without a doubt among the top periods for tourists to make the trip there to take advantage of the long days, glorious light, and outdoor activities the islands offer.


Sark is another excellent summer destination in the United Kingdom. It feels like another universe in the Channel Islands, off the coast of Normandy in France.

Sark feels like a trip back in time, with no cars and a feudal past that lasted long into the modern-day. Cycling to beaches, gardens and other local attractions is one of the best things to do in Sark.

Eating is also important. The island’s seafood is some of the greatest We’ve had on our travels, and eating fresh lobster and scallops is a must.

Summer is an excellent season to visit Sark since the days are long, and the weather is ideal for cycling, strolling, and water sports. It’s also convenient for day trips to Guernsey to see more of the Channel Islands.

Coast of Northumberland

Northumberland, just over the border in northern England, is one of the most underappreciated and enjoyable places to visit in the summer in the United Kingdom.

Northumberland’s shoreline is dotted with castles, beaches, and fantastic seafood restaurants. There are fortifications to please any history buff, from Bamburgh Castle to Dunstanburgh Castle. And near inland is Alnwick, home to one of England’s most iconic castles.

Craster is famous for its kippers, Berwick-upon-Tweed is famous for its bridges, the Farne Islands are famous for their wildlife, and Holy Island is famous for its mountaintop Lindisfarne Castle.

North Berwick

Back in Scotland, North Berwick is one of our favourite summer destinations in the United Kingdom. This coastal jewel near Edinburgh boasts a terrific blend of beach and town and a hill with breathtaking views.

North Berwick has long lengths of sandy beaches that run up and down the coast. Behind them are lovely streets with beautiful stores, cafes, and restaurants. Colourful residences complete the setting, which is a photographer’s dream.

Berwick Law is a beautiful trek that stands above the town. You can see everything from the Isle of May to the Firth of Forth in the distance.

North Berwick is a fantastic summer destination because it comes alive with coastal enjoyment. The best way to spend an afternoon in the summer is to eat fish and chips from a seaside vendor.

Wales’ Snowdonia

Nobody wants to queue to reach the peak of Snowdon in the summer, but there are ways to explore this massive National Park in North Wales and its surrounding landscape without adding to the possible throngs.

Spend the night in a portaledge tent dangling above the waves to make up for the months of being indoors. Take a rock-climbing course and work your way up the area’s peaks the hard way to get your heart rate up.


As a city that has long led the cultural scene, Bath is one of the best destinations in the UK. Throughout the year, there is a hectic but high-quality programme of festivals featuring live theatre, music, and literature, as well as lots of evening entertainment, such as an art-house cinema and comedy club.

With a history stretching back to 1AD, the Romans constructed the city as a place for relaxation, as seen by its array of elegance and comfort in one place. Everywhere you look, you’ll witness honey-hued Georgian buildings. with the Circus and Royal Crescent showing some of the city’s most significant structures – As a result, the city became one of the most popular destinations for 18th-century socialites and holidaymakers.

It’s no longer possible to visit this city today without a stop at a museum or at the spectacular Roman Baths, formerly the city’s prime socialising and cleaning location. These are among the best maintained in the world, with hot springs reaching 46°C. There’s also the elegant Thermae Bath Spa, which offers a magnificent spa retreat with stunning city views from its roof-top pool.


As the capital of Scotland, it’s no surprise that Edinburgh is frequently ranked as the United Kingdom’s most popular tourist destination. It’s a cosmopolitan metropolis of arts, music, and all things cultural, with bits of medieval history in its famous Edinburgh Castle and Palace of Holyroodhouse.

During the summer months, the city organises the largest arts festival of its sort in the world, the Fringe, which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy some great panoramic views, take a journey up Arthur’s Seat, an ancient volcano.
As the city’s highest point, it provides breathtaking views of Edinburgh and its surrounding rocky hills. Fortunately, the walk is not too strenuous so that the entire family can enjoy the pleasant hike to the summit.

Like your favourite novel, Edinburgh is a city you and your family will want to return to again and again. With easy access to the UK’s train lines and a stunning landscape of entertainment and tourist sites, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Not to mention The Elephant House, a gourmet tea and coffee store that inspired JK Rowling’s world-renowned Harry Potter book series.


A visit to Norwich will not disappoint enthusiasts of Medieval architecture. Norwich, known as the complete Medieval city in the UK, is rich in legacy and history, from its beautiful Cathedral and Castle to the 900-year-old market that draws both locals and visitors.

The city exemplifies what happens when old meets new; cobbled alleyways and half-timbered architecture provide a backdrop for an energetic student population that adds to the city’s calm ambience. It’s also close to the Norfolk Broads and beaches, giving it an ideal base for further exploring. Despite its handy location, Norwich has plenty to keep you busy, with a variety of small eateries, venues, and boutique shops to try as an alternative to the conventional high-street options. One of these is the lively Biddy’s Tea Room, which is world-famous for its unique design, delectable homemade afternoon tea, and a range of samples to sample.


There’s no disputing that a visit to England’s capital city is full of options for fun and action. To mention a few, the Tower of London, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey are instantly recognisable landmarks of London, one of the world’s most visited cities.

There is also plenty of innovation to witness, such as The Shard and the Sky Garden, which stand out against the city’s centuries-old story.

Everyone will find something to appreciate in London. Families travelling here can experience some of the city’s most popular attractions, such as the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and Madame Tussauds, go shopping on world-famous Oxford Street or Harrods in Knightsbridge, or you can just sit back and enjoy the excitement of a live-action play in one of the West End’s finest theatres.

The capital is deeply cosmopolitan and buzzing with varied personalities, as seen by the city’s fantastic assortment of culinary, music, and fashion options and historic institutions that highlight cultural variety. The Victoria and Albert Museum houses beautiful collections of past artists. At the same time, the ambience of Borough Market, Carnaby Street, and other market attractions embraces the contemporary eclectic mix of citizens and local traders.

Getting around London is easy with public transport, underground tube stations and taxis are available all around the capital.


Families seeking the most significant cities to visit in the UK will not go wrong with Bristol, which was recently rated one of the top places to visit in the world by the New York Times.

Bristol is the perfect place for families who want to see as much of the United Kingdom as possible this summer. The world-famous SS Great Britain, a massive navy ship that holds so much of Britain’s maritime history, is one of the most lauded sights. It’s a fantastic educational facility with an onboard museum and classroom facilities, and entry fees are reasonable.

Bristol has much more to offer than its maritime history, including The Christmas Steps. Despite the name, these famed steps are a tiny 17th-century road flanked by an excellent array of boutique shops and galleries. There’s also Stokes Croft, a vibrant community area complete with fantastic cafes, restaurants, and bars that’s a terrific location to grab a bite to eat and taste food from local vendors.


Did you know that Manchester was the epicentre of the British Industrial Revolution? As a result, the renowned ‘worker bee’ sign can be proudly displayed throughout much of the city. Still a significant part of the city’s legacy, creativity, discovery, and advancement are strong driving forces, especially given that it has produced some of the world’s finest musicians, like Oasis and The Smiths.

Want to see this city at its best? Whether you’re a passionate day-tripper or want to spend a few days immersing yourself in its culture, Manchester has plenty to see and do that you’ll want to return.

There’s so much to take in, from arts and crafts to exquisite dining and shopping, with an exciting vibe in the summer months. As a city famous for creativity, visit the Northern Quarter, a bohemian tangle of backstreets tucked between Piccadilly Circus and the High Street, home to galleries, unique cafes, and stores.

However, if you’d rather have a more tranquil and independent environment, Beech Road in Chorlton offers a lot more laid-back ambience with its outdoor dining terraces and open green spaces. Make a point of admiring the city’s ornate Town Hall in Albert Square and the Central Library in St. Peter’s Square for magnificent architecture. They’re a must-see for individuals who appreciate sightseeing and exploring UK-listed buildings. They’re considerably distinct in style but equally impressive in terms of architectural integrity.

Finally, visiting Ancoats is a must after a long day of sightseeing. Ancoats, Manchester’s canal-side neighbourhood, is a favourite hangout for foodies and students; with so many independent cafés and restaurants sprouting up, including the city’s first Michelin-starred restaurant since 1977, it’s regarded as one of the city’s hippest districts.


It’s no surprise that Cambridge is frequently ranked as one of the best cities to visit in the UK, with its emotional appeal, towering architecture, and unique academic customs.

With a world-class institution that draws comparisons to Oxford, the city of Cambridge is noticeably smaller than its competitor. Still, it indeed does not lack what it has to offer tourists. There’s always plenty to do, no matter when you visit, with a selection of world-renowned museums, galleries, live entertainment festivals, theatres, and shopping malls.

Of course, the city’s defining aspect is its educational history, with the highly regarded University of Cambridge including over 30 colleges. As a small town, it’s difficult to get a parking spot, but it is possible to roam about its narrow lanes and cobblestone streets and practically walk in the footsteps of innumerable prime ministers, award-winning scientists, writers, and poets.

However, punting along the River Cam is advised for the most incredible views. Most of the city is also “car-free,” which makes sightseeing much more enjoyable. Of course, cobblestone streets are mainly populated by students and people on bicycles, but they make the city far more peaceful than noisy traffic.

There’s also lots of green space to escape to, including the university’s Botanical Gardens, open parks, and the nearby wild-flower Grantchester Meadows, which are ideal for family picnics in the summer.


Brighton is one of those crowded beach towns that rivals London as one of the top cities to visit in the United Kingdom. It is conveniently located between the coastline and the Sussex countryside and offers a choice of things to see and do for families wishing to get some fresh air.

It is also ideally positioned within easy reach of London’s UK capital, making it a popular family day trip destination.

The Palace Pier, which is loaded with exhilarating rides, arcade activities, and refreshing seaside-themed refreshments, is one of the key visitor attractions. Next to it is Sea Life Brighton, a Victorian aquarium where you can discover more about the species that live in the world’s waters – and even watch them swim over your head in the underwater tunnel!

Besides the bustling beach attractions, Brighton is a historic city. It’s filled with tiny antique streets and quaint businesses passed down from generation to generation. It also has the world-famous Royal Pavilion, an exotic beach residence built-in 1787 for King George IV’s delight.

How Much Does Travel in the United Kingdom Cost?

Of course, the answer is – it depends! Many things must be considered, including your travel style (budget to luxury), who you are travelling with (solo, family, group), and the type of trip you wish to take (self-drive, group trip, etc.).

Then there are the sites you want to see, the time of year you want to travel – there are so many things to consider. It makes answering the question difficult!

To summarise, you should budget between £75 to £200 a day per person for travel in the United Kingdom. This cost will vary depending on your travel style, the places you see, the kind of transportation you choose, and your eating preferences.

There are numerous ways to travel in the United Kingdom. To begin with, the United Kingdom has an excellent public transport network that includes long-distance buses / coaches (National Express & Megabus to name a couple) a solid rail network, and multiple low-cost airlines.

We like to travel in the UK (and abroad) by car when possible. We believe this provides the most flexibility and are not bound by a timetable. Of course, depending on the nature of your trip, this may not be the ideal option; for example, if you merely see cities, we recommend taking public transportation between them.

Car rental rates in the United Kingdom

Budget: £100 – £150 weekly for a small car accommodating two people and luggage.

Mid-range: £200-£300 weekly for a mid-size car that seats four persons, including luggage.

High-end: £400-£600 weekly for a small 4×4 or car with more than five people.

We hope our list of the greatest summer places to visit in the UK has inspired you to see more of the country during the summer holidays!

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