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Khalid Mahomed – Head of Ecommerce

As the Head of Ecommerce, Khalid Mahomed has a critical role in leading the development and execution of TravelZine’s online strategy. He is responsible for overseeing the development and operations of our multi-layered platform.

Khalid is an experienced IT professional with over a decade of experience in delivering complex WordPress and OpenCart websites.

Under Khalid’s leadership, has seen significant traffic growth. From starting with only a handful of users in 2020, the site now attracts well over 600,000 visits a month and is forecast to deliver content to over 8.4 Million users by the end of 2024.

Over the last 2 years, Khalid has built our new hotel review platform and has headed the redesign project of our front-end site. Recently Khalid has overseen the deployment of our new flight comparison site which compares millions of flights from over 600+ airlines and over 1 million hotels. The new site went live at the beginning of 2023. You can visit the new site here.

In addition to his extensive experience in WordPress, Khalid also has a strong background in IT Service Management and Major Incident Management. He has a proven track record of successfully managing complex projects, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and resolving critical issues.

When he’s not working on TravelZine or managing IT Services, Khalid enjoys travelling the world with his family. His travels have taken him to many countries including United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Malaysia, Thailand, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, France and Tunisia.