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Transport In Istanbul – Getting Around The City

Getting around Istanbul can be an adventure in itself, with a wide variety of transport options to choose from. From the metro to the ferry, there are many ways to explore the city and its many attractions. In this article, we’ll explore the different transportation options available in Istanbul, including their approximate costs and benefits.

1. Metro

Istanbul has a modern and efficient metro system, with lines that run throughout the city. The metro is a convenient option for getting around, particularly during rush hour when traffic can be heavy. The cost for a single journey is around 10 Turkish Lira (approximately 50p), and the metro runs from 6:00 am until midnight.

2. Tram

Istanbul’s tram system is another popular transportation option, particularly for tourists visiting the historic Sultanahmet area. The T1 line runs from Kabatas to Bagcilar and passes through many of Istanbul’s main attractions, including the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. The cost for a single journey is also 10 Turkish Lira, and the tram runs from 6:00 am until midnight.

3. Bus

Istanbul has an extensive bus network, with routes that cover the entire city. Buses are a cheaper option than the metro or tram, with a single journey costing 10 Turkish Lira. However, buses can be crowded and subject to heavy traffic, particularly during rush hour.

4. Dolmus

Dolmus, which means “stuffed” in Turkish, is a shared taxi system that operates on set routes. The cost for a dolmus ride is slightly higher than a bus or metro journey, at around 20 Turkish Lira (approximately £1), but the convenience and flexibility of the service can be worth it.

5. Ferry

Istanbul is a city that straddles two continents, with the Bosphorus Strait dividing Europe and Asia. As a result, the ferry system is an important mode of transportation, particularly for commuters who live on the Asian side of the city. Ferries run from early morning until late at night, and the cost for a single journey ranges from 20 to 100 Turkish Lira depending on the distance travelled.

6. Taxi

Taxis are widely available in Istanbul, but it’s important to use reputable companies to avoid scams. Taxis are more expensive than other transportation options, with fares starting at around 50 Turkish Lira (approximately £2.50). However, taxis can be a convenient option for getting to hard-to-reach destinations or for traveling late at night. Uber operate in Istanbul and are fairly priced and get our recommendation. One thing to note with Uber in Istanbul is, the price you see on the app is a suggested price and can vary at the end of the journey. We found that usually if the app said 100 Turkish Lira, we ended up paying 200 Turkish Lira but it was still good value.

Summary And Our Recommendations:

In summary, Istanbul offers a variety of transportation options for visitors, ranging from the modern metro to the historic ferry system. The metro and tram are convenient options for getting around the city center, while buses and dolmus provide a more affordable option. Ferries are an essential mode of transportation for exploring both sides of the city, and taxis can be a convenient option for traveling late at night or to hard-to-reach destinations.

When it comes to our recommendations, we suggest using a combination of the metro, tram, and ferry for getting around the city center on a budget, as these options are affordable and convenient.

If you need to travel to a hard-to-reach destination or late at night, then using a taxi would be the best option. Finally, be aware of scams and always use reputable transportation companies to ensure your safety and comfort.

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