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10 Things Travellers Need When Visiting Cape Town

Cape Town is a beautiful city with rich cultural events and the top 5 attractions in all of South Africa. When you visit Cape Town, South Africa, you will need to make sure you are prepared, so your trip is more enjoyable. The more preparation you do before you leave, the less you have to worry about once you get there. You are then free to relax and enjoy your holiday.

  1. Sun Protection
    The sun in South Africa can be harsh, so you’ll need to wear sun protective lotion, as well as protective clothing like hats or visors to keep the sun out of your eyes and face.
  2. Copies of Passport and Travel Documents
    You always want to make sure you have more than one copy of your passport and travel documents in case you lose them or have them stolen. These are the only means by which you can return to your country, so protect them well. There have been many instances where holiday makers have found themselves in this scenario and have had their travel documents stolen. Be safe and ensure you take copies and keep them safe whilst ensuring they are in a separate place to your actual documents. You can hide them in clothing tucked away in your suitcase or shoes/boots.
  3. Proper Clothing
    Light cotton clothing is advised in the summer. The evenings get cooler so pack warmer clothing as well. Dress is typically casual in Cape Town even for evenings at the theatre or restaurants.
  4. Good Accommodations
    There are many good 5* hotels in South Africa, do your research beforehand and book one that caters to your needs. We will be posting up some expert reviews for hotels in South Africa so make sure you check them out!
  5. Money for Tipping
    South African currency is called the Rand (R). The Rand is split into 100 cents, similar to the UK Pound and pence. You will need to carry money with you to tip people for service such as wait staff, taxi drivers, hotel staff, etc. 10% is a fair tip in Cape Town.
  6. Safety Precautions
    Never walk unpopulated streets of South Africa alone. Do not wear excessive jewellery or watches and keep the amount of cash you carry to a minimum. The Police emergency number is 10111. If you hire a car, its best not to go for the most high end models as this shows wealth and that can be a dangerous place to be if you are driving at night. Go for a comfortable mid-range model like Ford Focus, Toyota’s for example.
  7. Immunisations
    While there are no international immunisations needed to enter South Africa, you should be aware that Malaria is a risk throughout the year. So protect yourself from diseases as you feel necessary. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  8. Local Driving Rules
    In Cape Town everyone drives on the left side of the road. Many of the National roadways have tolls so always bring money with you if you are planning on travelling by car. Seat belts are required and if you have a young child with you, you should reserve a car seat in advance.
  9. Local Prices
    You should have some understanding of the local prices, so you don’t get surprised or taken advantage of while on holiday in Cape Town. The average McDonalds meal is R23.00, bottled water is R5.00, a ticket to the movies is R30.00 and dinner out is about R100.00 each person.
  10. Travel Insurance
    Medical services are available at private hospitals and doctors in private practice. You should have some form of travel insurance that covers medical expenses. Again, it’s better to be safe than sorry in case something does happen during the trip away. Whilst on the subject of travel insurance, make sure you check the small print and policy documents so there are know suprises. It does take time and effort but it’s worth it in the long run if you do find yourself trying to make a claim.
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